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About The Game

Compared to top-tier productions by huge entertainment companies, indie gaming is far more inventive. The viral popularity of certain releases speaks volumes about what consumers want. By this point, everyone and their mother have heard of ‘that weird baldie game’. The insane story of a maniacal school teacher has become a worldwide phenomenon.


The Internet is obsessed with this strange amalgamation of absurdity, comedy, and horror. An increasing number of people are interested in checking it out personally. But interacting with Baldis Basics characters and the unforgiving virtual world is not particularly intuitive.

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New Player’s Guide to Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning

What are the fundamental mechanics, rules, and objectives that rookies should be aware of? How does one navigate the creepy establishment without ending up in a funeral home? Why does the unhelpful Mount Baldy weather forecast keep popping up in the search results? This overviews will explain everything and give newcomers a few crucial pointers.

Where to Download Baldy Basic

Due to the project’s unbelievable renown, finding functional builds for common platforms is relatively easy. Hilariously, the uninitiated occasionally end up ordering from Baldies Pizza after a preliminary Google search. Smartphone owners should search for compatible apps on Android and iOS’s native stores:

iOS: apps.apple.com

Android: play.google.com

PC users have a number of sources to choose from. For example, both Itch.io and Steam carry the product. The official website for Baldis Basic is basicallygames.com. But many content aggregators offer a online web-friendly option for which no installation is necessary.

Baldis Basics Characters

The dwellers and entities populating the facility are hugely important to the overall narrative:

  • The Protagonist is the hero controlled by the user
  • Chalkles is a chalkboard sketch come alive. It can manifest at a random blackboard, triggering Baldys basic awareness
  • Cloudy Copter is an oddly-shaped cloud that likes to blow wind down passageways. Everyone in the vicinity slows down or speeds up, depending on the direction. White as Mt Baldy snow, it’s impossible not to notice from afar. 
  • Gotta Sweep is a sentient broom that sweeps the floors enthusiastically. It’s not on anybody’s side, potentially making it both a nuisance and an ally.
  • It’s a Bully resides at the summit of the Baldy mountain of negative stereotypes. He steals the player’s possessions or blocks their way if they have nothing on them.
Baldi Talks


Baldy is the aforementioned psychotic educator, the only one who can invoke a game-over screen.

Play time gif birthday


Playtime, Baldi and the gang’s playful trickster, is a big fan of skipping rope. She chases after the user and challenges them to a rope-jumping contest. Sadly, the victor doesn’t win a certificate to Georgio Baldi restaurant or any other reward.

Principal of the Thing

Principal of the Thing

Principal of the Thing is the headmaster. He has the ability to issue detention to misbehaving children. On a sidenote, prudish individuals should probably refrain from reading Baldi x Principal fan fiction. Otherwise, it’s an unending source of astonishment that keeps on giving. Keep in mind that it’s intended for mature audiences only, discretion advised.

Null is a corrupted being that appears throughout the series


Null is a corrupted being that appears throughout the series under special conditions. Visually, it resembles a man-shaped cutout wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. His dialogue is rather unnerving due to the unexpectedly direct fourth-wall-breaking lines. His portrayal in the Baldi FNF crossover is especially spooky/

Arts and Crafters is a shy sock puppet

Arts and Crafters

Arts and Crafters is a shy sock puppet that initially runs away from the player. Once they’ve collected a certain number of notebooks, he becomes hostile.

1st Prize is a robotic contraption created for a Science Fair

1st Prize

1st Prize is a robotic contraption created for a Science Fair. Attempting to show affection, it rushes towards its friends, pushing them down hallways.

Beans is a goofy-looking human wearing a helicopter cap


Beans is a goofy-looking human wearing a helicopter cap. He spits bubble gum that slows down the movement of whoever is in the way.

Mrs. Pomp is another schoolteacher who resembles a human-headed shoe

Mrs. Pomp

Mrs. Pomp is another schoolteacher who resembles a human-headed shoe. A mere hint of disobedience enrages her. 

The Test is a bizarre yellow-colored humanoid that approaches

The Test

The Test is a bizarre yellow-colored humanoid that approaches while the prey is not looking. The dense fog it produces would put Baldi Hot Springs spa to shame.

Lessons in Survival playtime

Before going any further, let’s get one thing straight. Despite the similar title, the storyline has nothing to do with Mt Baldy in California. But perhaps, it could serve as a fitting metaphor for the experience. The reward for a 10-thousand-feet-long journey is a magnificent view and a sense of accomplishment.

But the road there is difficult, often stressful, somewhat dangerous, and occasionally frustrating. Like a regular Mt Baldy hike, this adventure feels fairly straightforward in the beginning.

The protagonist enters their schoolhouse to retrieve some notebooks forgotten by their friend. The goal is to find them all by exploring the building from a first-person perspective.

Even the antagonist, the old Baldy himself, doesn’t seem threatening at first. Sadly, his positive demeanor soon gives way to his true nature. Eventually, his math problems turn into an unsolvable mess of random symbols.

Baldi’s basic disposition changes drastically when he doesn’t get the correct answers. He then proceeds to mercilessly punish the poor souls who dare to disobey him. The only way to avoid his wrath is by staying out of his sight. This makes the task of locating the necessary documents increasingly challenging.

Baldis Basic Gameplay

At its core, the single-player campaign is a combination of first-person action and puzzle:

  • Press WASD to walk and strafe
  • Look around by moving the cursor, left-click to interact
  • Switch between the available items by scrolling, and right-click to activate them
  • Hold Shift to run, and push Space to turn around

It’s important to make a distinction between the Baldis Basics Plus edition and the original. The new version is very similar to its predecessor, but introduces additional content. Regardless, all the descriptions and general principles should apply to both in any case.

Every Baldi Basics game is unique and relies on luck as well as on skill. Even knowing the gist, it may take numerous retries to successfully escape the accursed place. Nevertheless, having the right information can maximize the challenger’s chances. Rather than learning it all through trial and error, consider the following tips.

Essential Items and Mods

The inventory offers 3 slots to carry tools and devices. They serve different purposes, and provide certain all sorts of benefits:

  • Alarm Clock rings for 30 seconds, attracting the ever vigilant disciplinarian’s attention
  • Presumably sold at Baldies cafe, but spawning at random, Energy Flavored Zesty Bar replenishes stamina
  • Spraying enemies with BSoda pushes them several feet away
  • Safety Scissors are blunt, but handy for cutting jump ropes, bubble gum, and flimsy wires
  • To prevent the villain from stampeding towards doors like a black baldy, lubricate them with WD-NoSquee
  • Temporarily block certain passages with the Yellow Door Lock
  • Principal’s Keys are a universal skeleton set allowing to enter any room
  • Quarters are the only available currency for buying sodas and snacks
  • Anti-Hearing and Disorienting Tape makes Baldi plush, deaf, and effectively blind for a brief period

Main Locations in Baldies Basics

The Schoolhouse encompasses a wide variety of interior and exterior areas. The common ones are:

  • Lobby (Entrance/Exit)
  • Hallway
  • Principal’s Office
  • Classroom
  • Faculty Room

They should be present in every playthrough and contain all the necessary NPCs and objects. However, unlike the real Baldi Middle School in Philadelphia, this mysterious place is always changing. There are many special zones that are not guaranteed to appear. Here they are:

  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Playground
  • Outdoor field trip
  • Janitor’s closet
  • Mystery room

Finally, there are some hidden map sections that can only be accessed under certain circumstances:

  • Baldys office
  • Basement
  • Debug Room
  • Glitched School
  • Light Test Room
  • Music Room
  • Mystman12’s Office
  • TestRoom

Experts generally recommend beginners to do a few blind, spoiler-free runs. They may very well discover some of the secrets themselves, which is highly rewarding.

Baldy Basics Endings

There are multiple outcomes that change based on a number of factors. Unlocking them requires performing specific actions, that are oftentimes unintuitive. 

Altogether, there are over 20 final sequences across all the builds. The process of getting them is not dissimilar to climbing up mount Baldy, California. The branching paths to the top are steep and hard to navigate. Figuring them out without assistance is admirable, but unnecessarily frustrating. The weather in Mt Baldy can be capricious, harsh and unpredictable. And it’s usually a good idea to study all the twists and turns in advance. An easy-to-read roadmap will prove particularly useful to anyone approaching the Mt Baldy trailhead. In this case, sticking to the instructions below is every unseasoned traveler’s best bet.
The normal congratulatory popup is the classic cutscene that first-timers usually witness. It requires collecting all the notebooks and reaching the exit without getting caught.
The alternative secret conclusion is like a disquieting-looking backroom of the Mt Baldy resort. It creates an unsettling feeling of peeking behind the scenes. However, it only occurs when the player gives wrong answers to all the quiz questions.
The Birthday Bash (1-year anniversary re-release) surprise party. Unfortunately, it’s not as ridiculously awesome as attending Baldys BBQ in the backyard would be. But at least there is cake. Join the celebration by exiting through the cafeteria. Do everything normally, and then try to enter that door last.
In the same edition, there is also an optional Null encounter in the principle’s office. When everything goes dark, use the Teleporter or type 53045009 into the think pad. Still not as tricky as reserving a table at Giorgio Baldi on a busy night.
In the Remastered version, throwing objects at Null or red Baloon leads to another ending. Meet either the glitching Null or Me (the creator’s in-game avatar) respectively.
Each demo has only one non-ending, which is typically just a placeholder text.

Although the fan-made FNF Baldi mod is highly amusing, its finale cannot be considered canon. But despite being an unofficial addition to the franchise, it’s worth checking out nonetheless. The refreshing drawing style, the smoothness of animations, and the overall quality are outstanding.

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